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Skydiving “A” License in a Week

At Skydive Spaceland, we know that once you decide you want to learn to skydive, it’s often full speed ahead! One jump every so often just won’t cut it. Also, we’ve found that student skydivers just do better when they can do all of their training in a short period of time. So now we’re offering a new program: Get your skydiving license in a week!

Upon completing this program, you’ll have at least 25 skydives under your belt and you will have completed all requirements to get your United States Parachute Association “A” license. This license allows you to make solo skydives at any dropzone without supervision. And each skydive comes with free video filmed by your personal instructor, so you get a thorough, detailed debrief with video of each skydive. Learn more in our Skydive Spaceland Skydiver Training Program Brochure!

You could be jumping with your friends next weekend!

Skydive Spaceland’s Get Your Skydiving License in a Week program includes the following:

  • 18 Skydiver Training Program jumps with highly experienced instructors
  • 5 solo skydives with gear rental
  • All for only $2400* — a savings of nearly $400! (Regular rate for all these skydives is $2,790).
  • Prerequisite: 2 tandem skydives
  • Contact us for scheduling by calling 1-800-SKY-DIVE (locally) or 281-369-3337

After purchase, call us at 281-369-3337 or email us to schedule your training!

The A license in a week program can be stretched out over a longer period of time. However, until you complete the student program, your jumps must be no more than 30 days apart or you will need to purchase a brief refresher course and repeat the previous level before moving on to the next one. 
* Additional fees for USPA membership and packing class apply.

Get Your Skydiving License in a Week Schedule*

Day 1: Sunday: Check in/Ground

School/STP Jumps 1-2

Plan to arrive at Skydive Spaceland by 7:30 a.m. to sign in and get your training manual. Your 4-hour ground school class will begin at 8 a.m. After class ends and you grab lunch, prepare to skydive! You’ll make your first two Skydiver Training Program jumps by sunset. We have a bunkhouse where you can crash for free during your training.

Day 2: Monday: Jumps 3-7

Be ready to go at 9 a.m.; we’ll do levels 3-7 today. You’ll be released for the first time and work on solo turns, docking on your instructor, and barrel rolls. You’ll have enough time between jumps to get a drink and snack, and debrief each jump before preparing for the next one. Stay hydrated! We’ve got drink and snack machines in the hangar, and you’re welcome to bring a cooler if you like.

Day 3: Tuesday: Jumps 8-12

We’ll start at 9 a.m. and keep pounding more knowledge into your head during levels 8-12. Today we’re working on front and back flips, forward and backward movement, fall rate control, and chasing your instructor (hey, turnabout’s fair play! 🙂 ). Don’t forget to stretch in the morning and stay hydrated.

Day 4: Wednesday: Jumps 13-17

9 a.m.: Begin preparing for levels 13-17. It’s another five-jump day, so stay hydrated and fed. Today we’ll practice diving after your instructor some more, sideways movement, and guess what? Today you get to start picking out some things YOU want to do on your skydives! We’ll also start teaching you how to pack a main parachute at sunset.

Day 5: Thursday: Jump 18 (Graduation jump), up to 5 solo skydives

Today you graduate! You’ll start at 9 a.m. by preparing for your graduation jump; you’ll organize a group of no more than three people. Then you’re on your own! You’ve got five jumps in the bank to start exploring the sky as you choose.

Days 6-8: Friday-Sunday: Makeup days

If weather has slowed you down, we’ll finish your training as soon as we can on these days. Plan to start at 9 a.m. if you haven’t completed all 23 jumps by Friday. If you have finished by now, then congratulations! You’re now a license-qualified skydiver and cleared to skydive without instructor supervision. We will help you fill out your USPA A license application and fax it to USPA.

* Please note that weather and individual needs can significantly alter this schedule; however, we will make every effort to help you complete the program within the week.

Email us or call us with any questions or to schedule your training adventure!
1-800-SKY-DIVE, 281-369-3337.

Inside the Skydiver Training Program

Learning to Fly at Skydive Spaceland from Skydive Spaceland on Vimeo.