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What Our Customers Say

“I went to Spaceland because a friend bought me a tandem… I was instantly hooked. I’m now a student and I’m almost half way through the program. The instructors there aren’t just proficient but are also professional, friendly and courteous. I have made new friends and joined a community that makes me feel at home. I love this place and wouldn’t hesitate to drive past a dozen drop zones to get here.”

–Vinnie Moulton

“This is really a stellar company. My office paid for a group of us to jump, and I spent hours reading through reviews for local spots. Spaceland stuck out and I’m so glad we went here. Could not have asked for more well-informed staff; everyone was so cool and I never questioned that I’d picked the right organization for this trip. All 4 of us bought our second jumps the same day and another group of my coworkers is headed here this week after hearing our experience! Robbie was my tandem instructor (A. K. A. best friend) and David was my photographer. Thanks so much guys for doing it right!”

Kjre Jenkins

“Great dropzone! Beautiful location and friendly people! Had a blast here and would come back again… I love how Spaceland has taken their proven model on how to run a dropzone from Houston and Clewiston and applied it here… down to the smallest details like the signage and student training facilities. If your’e a skydiver or looking to learn how to skydive in the Atlanta area, this is the place to be!”

–Mark Rickert

“Been in the sport since early seventies. Drove out to Skydive Spaceland Atlanta the other day and was very impressed with the operation. Beautiful location with first class hanger, office, and staff that are very friendly and professional. Student training area and training aids and gear are tops. If I were considering a tandem or a AFF course on the west side of Atlanta I would give these people a call first and see how beautiful, clean and professional and safety first this operation is. They have a Twin Otter to jump from and this is one of the safest planes made. I give them a AAA rating. Hope to see you there.”

Jerry Shell

“Bottom Line Up Front: This is the best dropzone in the region. One of the best across the country. I was originally scheduled to go to Georgia Skydive (merged with Skydive The Farm, formerly known as  Atlanta Skydive Center). But after reading their reviews regarding lawsuits and fraudulent business practices with Skyride elected not to go there.

“Why I chose Skydive Spaceland Atlanta: I looked all around the east coast for dropzones and even a few across the country to see where the best place to get licensed would be. I did my research based on reviews, other dropzones, facilities, and quizzing the staff while asking numerous questions. Spaceland has a phenomenal reputation across the country as being one of the most reliable dropzones. Whether you are just doing a tandem, getting your solo license, or an experienced fun jumper; I cannot recommend going to Spaceland Atlanta enough.

“Their facilities are brand spanking new. Their plane is AWESOME. The plane is pretty new and quick so your flights up are too. The staff is extremely friendly and well experienced. They legitimately care about you having fun and learning. They are not a company concerned about you getting in and out of the door. Their prices are extremely competitive… Their attention to detail, importance of safety, quality equipment, and experienced staff are more than enough reasons to choose this dropzone. I wouldn’t trust going anywhere else in the area. These people will make you part of their family. Love this place.”

–Michael L.

“Spaceland, which operates two other well-known dropzones in the skydiving community in Florida and Texas, recently opened up shop near Atlanta. This means it brings all of the polish and experience of a premier skydiving shop along with the culture and community many fun jumpers seek. I recently relocated to the Atlanta area and visited Spaceland Atlanta in search of a new “home DZ” and was pleasantly surprised to run into some familiar faces. … The facility is excellent: it’s clean, neat and the staff are courteous and professional. There are showers, high-speed wifi and indoor carpet for packing with plenty of shade. There’s a big old fan on the ceiling that keeps the hanger cool in the summer. The plane is a twin Otter that looks well maintained and is plenty fast. The landing area is large, open and easy to spot from the sky. It has a swoop pond for those skydivers that like that sort of thing. For fun jumpers, this place is beautiful, peaceful even, with good people – it’s a great place to jump. They organize groups, are very welcoming to new people and if you are open to it, the staff will pull you aside and provide tips for improving. I was going to go solo on my first jump there, and one of the packers put on his gear and did a fun jump just provide some company. There’s a campfire and plenty of comfortable places to pitch a tent if you want to hang out overnight. Bring a sweatshirt and warm blankets because it gets cool at night! For students interested in pursuing a skydiving license, the operation seemed to me to center on students and really looking after themlll They’ve also got perhaps the best mock-ups I’ve seen to rehearse on the ground before you get in the air. The DZ also conducts tandem jumps for those interested in exploring. The staff is safety conscious, has a veteran rigger taking care of equipment and a professional staff with tons of experience. And the location is simply beautiful. Even a day trip will feel like a mini-vacation.”

–Frank Strong

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