Summer Special on the Highest Altitude Skydive in Atlanta!

Let’s fly over the gorgeous Georgia foothills for the best price available! Skydive Spaceland Atlanta is running a special prepaid $229 deal (regular price: $279 weekends, $259 weekdays) so we can show you just how awesome skydiving is without you having to worry about if you got the best deal–because you know you did! Now you can focus on having the time of your life, and you will! We’re convenient to Atlanta, Birmingham, and Chattanooga.

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How does it even make sense to get the most for the least?

We all LOVE a great deal, but they say you get what you pay for. Typically they are right. Good quality costs more than poor quality whether we’re talking about manufacturing, food, or training company representatives to give you awesome adventure experiences. But why would you want to trust your life to the lowest bidder? That’s like getting a Groupon for Botox… when it really matters, you really don’t want to go with the lowest bidder.

So why would we try to talk you out of searching for the best deal for a skydive, then offer you $50 off the highest skydive in Atlanta?

Simple. It’s a special and WE WANT YOU TO SKYDIVE WITH US!

For a limited time only (because no one can afford to do this forever!), Skydive Spaceland Atlanta is offering this great price because we want you–ALL OF YOU–to come see just how great skydiving is, and remove any barriers to that. Skydiving changed all of our lives for the better and we want the same for you!

We don’t sacrifice quality or have hidden fees

Book directly through this special for the best price you’ll get on a full-altitude skydive from up to 14,000 feet. None of our competition, resellers, or Groupon can give you this rate for a skydive with us. AND we won’t nickel and dime you on gear rental, extra altitude, weekend scheduling, or anything like that. We fly as high as we can legally fly without extra oxygen, and we include all the gear and training you need for a top-notch skydiving experience. The only thing you need to add on, if you want it (and you should, but not everyone does), is a video/photo package to share your amazing experience with your family and friends.

Skydive Spaceland Atlanta is not a shoestring operation; we operate five busy skydiving centers in three states, conducting hundreds of thousands of skydives every year. Here’s a few other things you might want to know about Skydive Spaceland Atlanta:

  • Parent company family-owned and operated since 2000
  • Private property (no competition for airspace)
  • High-speed, high-capacity, well-maintained turbine aircraft
  • High-quality, state-of-the-art skydiving gear (we sell our used gear to other skydiving centers once it starts getting “old”)
  • Completely remodeled facility
  • Free camping and showers, laundry available
  • After-hours bonfire/party most weekend evenings
  • Flying 5 days a week

Skydive Spaceland also trains more civilian skydiving students to their basic skydiving licenses than any other skydiving center in the country. We do this with our exclusive, innovative, industry-leading Skydiver Training Program, which lets students complete their licenses in less than a week if they choose or learn at whatever pace is best for them.

Why are you offering this deal?

We want you to come fall in love with skydiving like we have! And if you could tell all your friends about your amazing experience and leave us a great review, we’d greatly appreciate it. That’s all. No strings attached. Just come join our skyfamily, have a great time, and tell everyone about it! We’ve run Groupons and other “daily deals” in the past, and while they’re great in some ways, we’d rather pass the savings directly to you while also taking home a little more ourselves so we can keep improving our facility and your experience. Dealing directly is best for everyone!

We look forward to welcoming you to the sky very soon!

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