Staff Fundraiser: Coronavirus Crisis

Suggested Price: $25.00

Thank you for helping our staff in their time of need! Any amount you are able to donate helps.

Minimum amount:  $5.00



The global coronavirus pandemic is hitting many industries very hard worldwide, and skydiving is no different. When skydiving centers close, most of the staff cannot work, and with many other businesses also closed the options for making up the shortfall are few. If you are able to donate any amount to help the Skydive Spaceland Atlanta staff who are currently unable to work, you know how much they will appreciate it! Skydive Spaceland will take these donations and distribute 100% of them to the staff soon.

“I intend to personally ┬átake care of our staff as long as possible. This, along with checks coming from the government and a local fund, everyone should be ok,” stated Spaceland’s owner Steve Boyd.

Thank you for helping out and we look forward to flying with all of you again soon!