Skydiving Gifts

Give the Gift of Skydiving!

Stop thinking about sweaters and iPads for gifts, and start thinking about the gift of a lifetime! Whether you’re shopping for high-school graduates, your grandmother’s birthday, Christmas, or anything in between, the gift of freefall is one they’ll be talking about for years. The thrill of freefall is a life-affirming, life-changing experience that almost anyone over 18 years of age can enjoy.

And just think of how much fun the whole family could have skydiving together! Now that’s a Christmas card for next year that can’t be beat!

We also offer gifts of training jumps for people working towards their skydiving license, lift tickets for licensed jumpers, and custom amount gift certificates.

Note: Gift certificates’ cash value never expires! Gift recipients must be at least 18 years of age, bring a valid photo ID, and weigh less than 280 pounds to tandem skydive. For more information about who can skydive, what to wear, and more, please see our Frequently Asked Questions page