Skydive Spaceland Manifest/Office Staff

Lisa Bailey
Lisa Bailey
Position: Office Manager
Jumps: 400+
First Jump: October 2015
License, Ratings, Accomplishments: C-49305 Coach
Fun Fact: Both of my siblings are also licensed skydivers and this isn't my natural hair color!
Skydiving: Favorite Part: Freefall and being a part of first time jumpers falling in love with the sport.
Spacelander Since: 2015
Brookelyn Shanks
Brookelyn Shanks
Position: Office Staff, Social Media
Jumps: 1
First Jump: 09/11/2022
Fun Fact: I eat some type of potato EVERYDAY!
Skydiving: Favorite Part: Canopy flight!!!
Spacelander Since: 2022

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