Skydive in Atlanta: Skydive Spaceland | Skydiving and parachute jumping near Atlanta, GA

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Your heart’s pounding, the wind is blasting by your face, and you’re crouched at the open door of a flying airplane knowing you’re about to have the skydiving time of your life!

Whether you're looking for a thrill to spice up your day, an item to check off your bucket list, or a new hobby to throw yourself into, you're in the right place! Skydive Spaceland Atlanta is one of the world's biggest, most progressive skydiving training centers, and we top it all off with our famous hospitality--because that's how this third-generation family business has done things for more than 15 years!

We're conveniently located near Atlanta, Birmingham, and Chattanooga.

Are you a military-trained skydiver interested in transitioning to the civilian skydiving world?

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