Get Your Skydiving License in a Week

or however long you need… at the busiest civilian skydiving school in the USA!

Here’s how it works:

  • 1. Tandem Skydives

    Your First Skydive at Skydive Spaceland!

    Two orientation skydives  harnessed to an expert instructor

  • 2. Ground School

    Taught weekly and by appointment

  • 3. Solo Training Skydives

    Skydiver Training Program exit

    18 levels of instruction with a private instructor and free video

  • 4. Fun Jumps!

    Jump solo or with our USPA-rated coaches until you reach the 25 jumps needed for your “A” license

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At Skydive Spaceland, our instructors have combined decades of experience and thousands of skydives to create The Skydiver Training Program (STP). We help you excel in this challenging sport by combining fun, safety and education in a non-competitive, relaxed environment with state-of-the-art parachute equipment. There are a lot of good reasons why Skydive Spaceland is the busiest civilian skydiving school in the United States! Here are just a few of them:

  • Dedicated instructor and free, thoroughly debriefed video on every skydive
  • Open and training all day every day
  • State-of-the-art equipment to fit most every body size/type
  • All equipment rental included–no hidden fees
  • Deploy and fly your own parachute to a soft, on-target landing assisted via radio by your instructor
  • Learn at your own pace, whether that’s beast mode and completing 25 jumps in a week or a jump here and there as you can.

Upon completion of the Skydiver Training Program, you will have completed the objectives required to get a skydiving license from the United States Parachute Association (USPA). You’ll be able to skydive with your friends anywhere in the world!

Want to learn more?

After purchase, call us at 770-748-2200 or email us to schedule your training!

Want to learn FASTER?
Get our A License in a Week Package!

Join hundreds of skydivers who have traveled here from around the world to get their skydiving licenses as efficiently as it can be done! We routinely have students traveling here from Germany, Japan, Australia… you name it! Why? Student skydivers just do better when they can do all of their training in a short period of time, not allowing time to forget and relearn basics before moving to the next step. Plus you get a great rate on your license when you prepay up front! For only $3226*, you get the following AND save almost $640 off retail rates:

  • Transition Class
  • Skydiver Training Program (STP) Levels 1-16
  • STP Level 17
  • STP Level 18: FREE!
  • Solo practice jumps 19-23
  • Instructor priority
  • Parachute packing class
  • United States Parachute Association (USPA) membership
  • USPA “A” license application fee
  • Prerequisite: 2 tandem skydives

Buy A License in a Week!

“But what if I can’t or don’t want to complete the training in a week?”

No problem! If you get the package, train just as fast or as slow as you like.
There will be no extra fees for taking longer to complete our program as long as you remain current by jumping at least once every 30 days.

* A in a week package can be paid in full before Dive Flow 4. Includes everything you need for training with the exception of rejumps, if needed

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