Skydive Spaceland Careers

Want to work in a fast-paced, fun-based environment? Advance your skydiving career at Skydive Spaceland, one of the world’s largest skydiving operations! We are open Thursday-Monday, year-round northwest of Atlanta, GA on our 60-acre private airpark. We value safety, professionalism, and courteousness in all of our staff, whether full- or part-time.

We want you to work for us and we want to help you grow into the very best instructor, rigger, manifestor, or whatever it is in skydiving that you want to be! We also have examiners from The Ratings Center that call Spaceland home, and can train you for any additional ratings you don’t yet hold.

Projected Annual Customer Volume

  • 4,000+ tandems
  • 1,000+ AFF (STP)
  • 2,000 tandem videos


  • Summer months will average 125 + work jumps per month (some do over 200) subject to multiple qualifications
  • Winter months will average as few as 50 up to 100 work jumps per month subject to winter weather
  • Work days are scheduled in advance and usually 5 days per week, but staff are welcome to work all days


Local towns with apartment housing

  • Cedartown
  • Rockmart

There is also a campground nearby if you would prefer trailer living.

Hours of Operation

  • Thursday-Monday open at 8:00 a.m. till 5:30 pm
  • Weekends open at 7:30 a.m. till sunset
  • DZ is closed on Christmas Day

Swoop Park

  • Yes
  • Swoop Park is always open and very near the facility for ease of use


  • 3,000 square feet of indoor packing space
  • Caravan with occasional Super Twin Otter support
  • Air Conditioned Office work space for staff available
  • Sigma Tandem Rigs
  • Sun Path Student Javelins for students and rentals
  • Vshortcut video editing
  • Air-conditioned camera flyer work station
  • 2 separate landing areas for canopy pilot separation
    • Landing area 1 – All jumpers use predictable left-hand traffic landing in predetermined landing direction set by an LDI (landing direction indicator) no turns greater than 90 degrees
    • Landing area 2 – Expert Canopy Pilots with no restrictions on turns, landing in predetermined landing direction defined LDI and shortest walk

Equipment requirements for jump staff

  • Tandem Instructors: 2 altimeters and goggles
  • Camera Flyers: Rig, GoPro5 or similar/better (with stabilization) and a DSLR with a bite/blow switch
  • AFF (STP) Instructors: Rig, Small digital camera such as GoPro, Drift, Contour or similar

Pay & Perks (for contracted instructors and camera flyers)

  • Tandem jumps: $40 (generous tips usually), no hand-cams. Additional weight compensation: $20 for 220-239 lb students, $40 for 240+ lbs.
  • AFF (STP): $55 for lower levels, $45 for upper levels
  • Video: $40
  • Additional bonuses paid quarterly for having multiple ratings and seniority at Spaceland (up to $7 per jump for all work jumps)
  • Fun Jump slots $24 to 13,500 (reg. $28)
  • Organizing/mentoring is encouraged when not teaching
  • Gear discounts

Our instructor rotation policy is a simple fixed rotation with a sign-in sheet for each workday. Staff that are qualified for more than one trade will be given work based on the needs of that particular load. It is quite common to make a tandem jump on one load, then shoot video on the very next.

Spaceland Atlanta also offers an annual unlimited jump package that is good  from Jan. 1-Dec. 31. This package covers your hop and pop and/or full-altitude slots for as many fun jumps as you can do! Contact manifest at 770-748-2200 to purchase this package or check it out online!

For more questions, please feel free to email us at