Skydive Spaceland: Four Locations! | Skydive in Atlanta: Skydive Spaceland
Skydive Spaceland: Houston, Texas and South Florida locations

Skydive Spaceland: Four Locations!

Skydive Spaceland has four locations to provide top-quality skydiving aircraft, instruction, equipment, and service in South Texas, North Texas, South Florida, and Atlanta, GA.

Skydive Spaceland-Atlanta
(at the former location of Skydive The Farm)

Skydive Spaceland-Atlanta locationOpening on May 1, 2015, Skydive Spaceland-Atlanta is the newest addition to the Spaceland family of drop zones. Located on a beautiful, private 60-acre property in the North Georgia foothills with a completely remodeled building for skydiving training/hosting operations, Spaceland-Atlanta serves first-timers, skydiving students, and experienced skydivers seven days a week (closed only on Christmas Day). Spaceland’s world-renowned, industry-leading Skydiver Training Program lets skydivers get their basic skydiving license in as little as a week (weather permitting), and the facility operates the Atlanta area’s fastest, largest jump aircraft–a DeHavilland Super Twin Otter.

Skydive Spaceland-Houston

Skydive Spaceland-HoustonEstablished in 2000 by the Boyd family, Skydive Spaceland-Houston is a three-generation family drop zone specializing in innovative, constantly refined skydiving education just south of Houston, Texas. Built from the ground up exclusively for skydiving on a 130-acre private airfield, the skydiving center hosts around 100,000 skydives annually and has hosted several state and national skydiving records in addition to the U.S. National Skydiving Championships.

Spaceland-Houston is also home to many professional and amateur skydiving teams, and is always well-represented at the U.S. Nationals each year. These and many other highly active skydivers provide an environment where skydivers from first-timers to thousand-jump veterans can continually push themselves to achieve greater skydiving goals.

Skydive Spaceland-Dallas
(at the former location of Skydive Dallas)

Skydive Dallas location in TexasOn April 13, 2016, Spaceland Dallas became the newest location for the Spaceland family. Building upon the long-standing, very successful, community-oriented dropzone Skydive Dallas, Spaceland is excited to become part of the outstanding skydiving community in North Texas.

Skydive Spaceland-Clewiston
(formerly Skydive Air Adventures)

Clewiston, FLSkydive Spaceland-Clewiston is located about 4 miles south of Lake Okeechobee in South Florida. Open every day but Thanksgiving and Christmas, our Florida location boasts south Florida’s only full-time turbine aircraft, a DeHavilland Super Twin Otter. This aircraft carries up to 23 skydivers to jump altitude per flight, meaning you can jump with all of your friends at once in style!

This skydiving operation and its current owners, Rick and Lisa Hornsby, have enjoyed a 26-year history of operations at the scenic Airglades Airport in Clewiston. Views of Lake Okeechobee enhance your skydiving experience over this wide-open airport, and the established experienced jumper community provides a fun, social atmosphere for the new skydiving passion in your life.