100-Jump Block


Save on lift tickets… buy 100 full-altitude tickets at a time and save $200!


Regular full-altitude tickets are $28 each, but with this package you only pay $26! Gear rental is available for an additional $25 plus tax per jump.

* 100-jump blocks are nonrefundable and nontransferable, and apply to standard-altitude  lift tickets for current, licensed skydivers jumping at Skydive Spaceland Atlanta. Jumps may be used at other Skydive Spaceland locations; however, lift tickets are higher-priced at other locations so you would owe the difference ($2 per jump as of August 2023). Gear rental not included. Excludes specialty aircraft and fees added onto regular jump ticket prices (oxygen, formation loads, extra altitude, night jumps, etc.). For team jumps, this package will cover your slot but not your part of your videographer’s slot.