Skydive Spaceland Owners/Managers

Steve Boyd, Sr.
Steve Boyd, Sr.
Position: Owner
Jumps: 4500
First Jump: April 23, 1973, Chicago, IL
License, Ratings, Accomplishments: D-11383, Tandem-Instructor/Examiner, FAA Senior Rigger, Commercial & Instrument Multi Pilot with 10,000+ hrs.
Kevin Purdy
Kevin Purdy
Position: Operations Manager, Ratings Examiner
Jumps: 16,000
First Jump: 1991
License, Ratings, Accomplishments: Accelerated Freefall/Static Line/Tandem Instructor, Tandem/Instructor-Assisted Deployment Instructor Examiner, Coach examiner, FAA Senior Parachute Rigger
Fun Fact: Learning to skydive was not easy for me to do, but I loved the exhilaration and excitement that came with the experience.
Spacelander Since: 2014
Christy West
Christy West
Position: Marketing and Communications Manager
Jumps: 3200+
First Jump: January 11, 1997
License, Ratings, Accomplishments: D-21464, gold/silver/bronze medalist at USPA Nationals in 4-way advanced, 8-way intermediate, 10-way speed, 16-way