Skydive Spaceland Coaches/Mentors

Here are the coaches rated by the U.S. Parachute Association who help students and other less experienced jumpers turn into rockstars. We are always looking for more mentors to help out! If you have at least 200 jumps and a coach rating, and you’d like to help newer skydivers while jumping for free, email Kevin for more information!

Eric Skroch
Eric Skroch
Position: Tandem Instructor / STP Instructor / Rigger
Jumps: 3000+
First Jump: 2002
License, Ratings, Accomplishments: D-36506 TI, AFFI, IAD, PRO, Senior Rigger
Spacelander Since: 2019
Art LeRoy
Art LeRoy
Position: STP Instructor, Videographer
Jumps: 8800+
First Jump: August 21, 2010
License, Ratings, Accomplishments: D-32772 AFF-I
Fun Fact: He is also a PADI dive master
Spacelander Since: 2022
Tristan Fappiano
Tristan Fappiano
Position: Tandem and STP Instructor, Videographer
Jumps: 2660+
First Jump: July 2, 2016
License, Ratings, Accomplishments: D-41072, AFF-I, TAN-I, VIDEOGRAPHER
Fun Fact: He's an incredibly talented air hocking player.
Skydiving: Favorite Part: Being able to travel and jump anywhere in the world. The views and meeting genuine, interesting, fantastic people of all ages and backgrounds.
Spacelander Since: 2023
Jason Peery
Jason Peery
Position: Tandem Instructor / STP Instructor
Jumps: 2000
First Jump: 10/17/2017
License, Ratings, Accomplishments: D-39988, TI, AFFI
Fun Fact: I have been rescuing and fostering Australian Cattle dogs for over 20 years
Skydiving: Favorite Part: R/W, turning points, and jumping with students/new jumpers.
Adam Wright
Adam Wright
Position: Coach/Mentor
Jumps: 425 glorious jumps, 1 was a little "IFFY" , ok maybe 3
First Jump: Late 2018- took me a year to come back (the whole scared of heights thing) but have been a regular since late 2019
License, Ratings, Accomplishments: C-49946 Coach
Fun Fact: I'm a big boned fella and I have embraced that, but I really don't like sinking out on bigways, therefore if I see you're not arching enough and becoming floaty, I may or may not take your shoes down with me to ensure I'm not on a solo skydive! 2nd Fun Fact I HATE TRAVELING. I served in the NAVY and have been with my wife since 1988 (yes I'm old but she's older) and since I started skydiving, I have traveled more than I have in all those years and have gotten a different perspective on life and I'm loving the views.
Skydiving: Favorite Part: 1. The people, and the atmosphere they bring. 2. The traveling to DZ's to jump different locations with different and the same folks. 3. The challenges of learning different disciplines. 4. Jumping with and mentoring my son (that shoulda been #1) 5. Shenanigans! I love shenanigans!!
Spacelander Since: 2018

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