Skydive Spaceland Videographers/Editors

Don (DC) Cameron
Don (DC) Cameron
Position: DZ Manager
Jumps: 9000+
First Jump: 2008
License, Ratings, Accomplishments: D-32611 TAN-I, AFF-I, PRO, S&TA
Skydiving: Favorite Part: FS and teaching
Eric Skroch
Eric Skroch
Position: Tandem Instructor / STP Instructor / Rigger
Jumps: 3000+
First Jump: 2002
License, Ratings, Accomplishments: D-36506 TI, AFFI, IAD, PRO, Senior Rigger
Spacelander Since: 2019
Art LeRoy
Art LeRoy
Position: STP Instructor, Videographer
Jumps: 8800+
First Jump: August 21, 2010
License, Ratings, Accomplishments: D-32772 AFF-I
Fun Fact: He is also a PADI dive master
Spacelander Since: 2022
Tristan Fappiano
Tristan Fappiano
Position: Tandem and STP Instructor, Videographer
Jumps: 2660+
First Jump: July 2, 2016
License, Ratings, Accomplishments: D-41072, AFF-I, TAN-I, VIDEOGRAPHER
Fun Fact: He's an incredibly talented air hocking player.
Skydiving: Favorite Part: Being able to travel and jump anywhere in the world. The views and meeting genuine, interesting, fantastic people of all ages and backgrounds.
Spacelander Since: 2023
Juan Daza
Juan Daza
Position: Tandem Instructor / STP Instructor / Videographer
Jumps: 1000+
First Jump: 2014
License, Ratings, Accomplishments: D-39369 TAN-I, AFF-I, COACH
Fun Fact: You will always find me by the bonfire playing guitar with a wine or having a one Last Beer!
Skydiving: Favorite Part: My skydive fam!!!!
Spacelander Since: 2018

These skydivers fly right in front of your face with high-definition video equipment to capture your skydive with video and photos!