Parachute Landing Patterns

Wind conditions anywhere can be extremely inconsistent… from 30mph to dead calm conditions, it’s important that we have a consistent canopy landing pattern plan that keeps everyone safe. Following are several guidelines we follow here at Skydive Spaceland to keep traffic moving consistently and predictably, thereby reducing the chances for a collision. Take heed of the notes below…

  • All canopy pilots are gliders; we have no engines to go-around and no chance to try again.  We must have a plan that matches everyone else’s plan.
  • Landing in the same direction as all of the canopy pilots on the load is a higher priority than landing into the ground wind.
  • Wind is rarely consistent, while landing in the same direction is paramount.
  • South side of runway (landing area #3) is ALWAYS available for uncontrolled traffic (canopy pilots that want to set their own landing direction) in the event they don’t like the direction that the DZ operations staff have picked for landing direction. See our landing area information…
  • Canopy pilots NEED a defined landing direction that can be determined while high up under their canopies, so all pilots under canopy can plan a landing that is consistent with all on the load–this is what the tetrahedron does for us here at Spaceland.
  • Low-man has the right of way… always and forever without exception. This is globally accepted in the skydiving and aviation communities- even when that low person is a slowpoke and you are a 450-degree turning highly loaded Velocity pilot.

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