Skydive Spaceland Welcomes the Supervan 900!

It’s back, bigger, better, faster, and with another blade on the prop! Our Cessna Grand Caravan recently returned from its Supervan 900 conversion and we are LOVING IT!!!! It’s not every drop zone that can call its Caravan the “fast plane” with everything else we have on the field. The Supervan is hauling jumpers to altitude fast enough to slide you to the tail if you’re not paying attention to your balance on climb. Here’s the stats on the Supervan:

Skydive Spaceland Supervan 900


  • Crew: One pilot
  • Capacity: Skydiving configuration: Maximum 17 passengers and one pilot. With seats, nine passengers or 14 with FAR Part 23 waiver
  • Dimensions
    • Length: 12.67 m (41 ft 7 in)
    • Wingspan: 15.88 m (52 ft 1 in)
    • Height: 4.32 m (14 ft 2 in)
    • Wing area: 26.0 m2 (280 sq ft)
Supervan 900 Specifications vs. OEM
Specification Standard OEM Grand Caravan* Supervan 900
Engine PT6A-114A TPE331-12JR
Horsepower 675 shp flat-rated 900 shp flat-rated
Torque 1865 2971 ft-lbs
TBO 3600 hrs 7000 hrs
Max gross weight 8750 lbs 9062 lbs *
Std. empty weight (wheels) 4575 lbs 4675 lbs
Useful Load (wheels) 4175 lbs 4387 lbs *
Climb (ISA- g.w.) 975 ft/min 1510 ft/min
Max Cruise (10,000 ft.) 175 kts 198 kts
Max Cruise fuel flow 396 lbs/hr 435 lbs/hr
Takeoff (ground roll) 1405 ft. 1054ft
Takeoff (50ÔÇ▓ obstacle) 2420 ft 1875 ft
Landing (wheels) 950 ft 950 ft
Power loading 13 lbs/shp 10.1 lbs/shp
Stall Speed- flaps 61 kts 61 kts
Endurance (max cruise- standard fuel) 5.6 hrs 6.2 hrs
Range (max cruise- standard fuel) 915 nm 1000 nm
* With gross weight increase kit installed

2 Replies to “Skydive Spaceland Welcomes the Supervan 900!”

  1. I have 03 short Caravan C-208 and I work in Boituva, Sydiver
    Center in Brasil. One Caravan is with Black Hawk Upgrade.
    Now I am buying one Grand Caravan of Texas Turbines Upgrade,
    Garret TPE 331 – 12 JR, 900 SHP. I would like do receive of
    your Pilot, wich fly your Supervan the parameters os Climb,
    jump and descent in skydive operation of the Supervan.

    For the time being, thank you very much.


  2. The conversion will come with a SRL (Single Red Line) computer on board that will make power management easy. Open it up and the computer will regulate power on the climb. Climb speed is Vy.

    During Jumprun, put in 1 or 2 notches of flaps to keep the tail up and reduce speed to 85kts. When the last jumper leaves reduce throttle to idle, flaps up and descend. You’ll want to descend below the speed at which the engine will NTS (Negative Torque Sensor, you’ll learn about that when you get your upgrade). On our planes it’s around 110-125 depending on the plane.

    Hope this helps.

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