Skydiver Training Tip: Your First Skydiving Gear Purchase

When you’re about to graduate from our Skydiver Training Program, it’s time to start thinking about getting your own gear, and the accessories (helmet, goggles, altimeter) are the best place to start. We provide everything you need during the program, but afterwards you will need to rent our gear or buy your own. It’s a great idea to go ahead and get your own accessories for a number of reasons:

  1. They’re always available to you.
  2. They’re the accessories you picked out that you liked best.
  3. You know where they’ve been. 🙂
  4. Once purchased, there’s no rental fee.
  5. The Skydive Spaceland Pro Shop offers a free pair of goggles when you buy a helmet and altimeter at the same time (up to $20 value).
  6. These are the lower-priced, non-custom pieces of gear you’ll need on every skydive and are usually in stock so you can start jumping them right away.
  7. If you buy your accessories now, it helps spread out the financial investment of your first complete set of gear.

There are a number of choices for each type of gear—full-face vs. open face helmets, audible and visual altimeters, and various goggle styles from clear vs. colored lenses to full-wrap vs. sunglasses styles. Talk to your instructors and the pro shop about your skydiving and gear needs, and pick out some new toys for your new playground. 🙂

6 Replies to “Skydiver Training Tip: Your First Skydiving Gear Purchase”

  1. I had all intentions of celebrating my 50th birthday with a Skydiving experience. My plan was to keep it a secret from my family and friends up until a few days prior. things didn’t work out so I didn’t make it, BUT, I have all intentions of celebrating my 60th birthday next year by skydiving!!
    I have told all my family and friends of my intentions so I feel that will make me feel obligated to complete my mission at that time!! LOL

  2. Good morning, afternoon, or evening.

    I’m currently in the U.S. Marines and will be out in a few weeks to a month or so I was wondering if you fellas offer any vet oriented programs and I think I read that housing was available for the week I would go to receive my A license. Does your school also have secondary classes such as squirrel suit lessons? Also is there a way to pay in advance and secure a place would my vehicle be able to stay parked there and are the two prerequisite jumps able to be done there prior to certification ? Say if I showed up a day or two early?

    1. Hey Cory, great questions!

      1) Skydive Spaceland offers a $20 discount on your first jump with your military ID/discharge papers. If you are booking your first jump online, use the coupon code USAAF.
      2) Housing in our bunkhouse is included with your A license in a week purchase. Showers and laundry facilities are also located in the bunkhouse.
      3) We do not have a “secondary program” for wingsuits, but we have a number of USPA coaches who specialize in coaching skydivers in all disciplines. We’ll introduce you during or after the program. 🙂
      4) You are more than welcome to pay online:
      5) Your car can stay parked here during your training.
      6) Two tandem jumps where you demonstrate certain skills are required before you begin our Skydiver Training Program jumps with your own rig. Weather permitting, you can complete all the jumps you need for your A license in a week.

      Hope that answers everything, just give us a call at 281-369-3337 if you have any more questions!

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